Turn Off the Tears and Earn Parent of the Year!

Friday, May 7, 2021

As a parent, there is nothing more stressful than when your kid throws a tantrum while you are trying to get groceries. You just want to finish buying everything you need to make healthy meals for the week, but then you must make it through the dreaded check out line. Without fail, the snacks and trinkets call out to little ones and they start asking, then begging, then crying! It is so frustrating when you cannot afford to buy snacks and treats when they ask. You may be saving every penny as you live from paycheck to paycheck, but that isn’t something a child can understand. All they can think about is that chocolate bar when they see the colorful packages while your cart is trapped in the checkout aisle. 

You are not alone...we get it!

Countless parents are dealing with the same struggle. The reality is that many people cannot afford to buy things that are not necessities.  63% of Americans have been living from paycheck to paycheck since the pandemic started. Many are working a second job, or make extra money as a driver for Uber or Lyft or a shopper for Instacart or Shipt to make ends meet. 

Those extra jobs and gigs are time consuming! As a busy parent, you know that sometimes 24 hours just isn’t enough. 

Enter PICKL - Stop the Sulking!

With PICKL you can earn an extra $5 while you are grocery shopping, just by spending 5 minutes in the store taking photos of products for brands. Kids love to help with this fun product scavenger hunt in stores - PICKL has been compared to Pokemon Go in Retail!

With an extra $5 from PICKL, when your little angel asks for a treat, you can say yes and put a smile on that cute little face! There is so much that an extra $5 here and there could do for your family grocery budget, but most of all, it will make you feel like Parent of the Year.

What would do with an extra $5? 

At Walmart, Target or your favorite grocery store, you can grab one of those impulse buys such as Nature Valley Granola Bars, Oreo Cookies, Funyuns, and so on. You can also pick up a cute plush toy, hair accessories, baseball cards or a lip balm! Or you can always save up and use it on a birthday present, dinner at a restaurant, a family zoo membership, or ANYTHING that you really want to do to create special memories and bond with your child.

Of course you will still have to say no sometimes, but with every extra $5 you can turn at least one of those no’s to a yes, and that alone is going to improve their mood, and yours too. PICKL is an easy side gig that will allow you to afford these small luxuries.

With that fun PICKL game at the store and an extra $5, everyone is smiling. You, your kids, the PICKL team, and our brand partners. 

Download the PICKL App today and check out the tasks in your area!

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