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Every great idea starts with "there must be a better way".  For PICKL CEO and Founder Ossie Cohen, that moment came when working as a broker for 20+ #1 selling national natural brands. Premium food, wellness, beauty and lifestyle products you see @ Whole Foods, Target, Kroger, Sprouts, etc.

Brand partners kept saying "We love what you do for us! Can you go to other states? How do we bottle and clone you?!" Ossie had won 16 awards and was one person they could count on to send accurate and timely information about their CPG brands. Plus, they loved it when he sent pics! 

He was determined to figure out a way to help all brands around the world to see what was happening with their products and competitors while allowing them to become more agile to take action faster. He saw an opportunity to engage the people already hanging out around stores, communities of all ages to gather this critical data. A fully transparent, nonbias, valuable connection and authentic in everything all-inclusive global community.

Ossie sketched, planned and coded an early PICKL prototype (originally called something totally different!) plus attracted an early investor and Co-Founder, Vijay Mohan. The future of brand and consumer engagement is here. Welcome to PICKL!

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