The Attention Economy Ignores Your Product

Monday, April 19, 2021

It seems like every person on the planet is glued to their phones these days, watching endless streams of TikToks, YouTube videos, snaps, and tweets. In between the posts people really want to see, brands sneak in brief ads to attempt to grab attention and drive sales. Even adorable Minnesota grandparents are tech savvy enough to go viral on TikTok, and many grandparents probably have more followers than you!

Increasingly, people are ad blind and just keep scrolling until something entertaining pops up. Grabbing and holding consumers’ attention seems nearly impossible! You are competing with all the latest dances and jokes with consumers saying, "Haha, no way! That’s awesome. WTF?! What’s this stupid ad?" You don't want to be the buzzkill brand that interrupts the fun.

For the last couple of decades, digital marketers have had the luxury to drill into rich sets of advertising, website and app analytics to test, tweak and optimize the customer journey to improve profits. 

During the pandemic as brands shifted attention to online sales, and brand managers got a taste of trackable digital data. Now they are hungry for more. 

But data to support brand managers of physical products in brick and mortar stores is often sparse, stale or expensive to collect. 

Until now…

What if you could mobilize a growing network of incentivized shoppers to hop off of their couches, armed with their smartphones to race to the store, to hunt down your product, stand right in front of it, test your customer journey, tell you how they are feeling live in store and report back in just a few hours? And what if they were able to collect 100s of interesting and timely data points and pictures along the way? 

Sound far fetched? Read on...

PICKL Changes the Data Game for Brands 

For the first time, brand teams can set up quick tasks to send shoppers to specific stores to gather qualitative, quantitative and visual data. 

On each visit, shoppers document what’s happening with a specific product with photos, notes and survey responses. We also see 36% of shoppers buy the featured product on these visits, providing a welcome boost to sales velocity. Results typically return to the brands’ secure dashboard within 2.6 days, with some results arriving in hours.

PICKL Helps Brands Make Data Driven Decisions

PICKL can send traffic to stores, just like ad networks can send traffic to websites while measuring customer sentiment, competitive positioning, verifying placement and encouraging purchase. PICKL’s allows brands to customize each request to gather exactly the views and data they need to influence and improve the customer journey in retail.

If you would like to stop the scroll, and send droves of PICKL enthusiasts to store, we are ready to help you put the power of the attention economy to work for your brand. Give PICKL a try today! SIgn up for a free PICKL brand account or schedule time with a real life PICKL pro to plot your next go to market move!

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