Squirt, Squirt, Welcome to Work

Sunday, March 7, 2021

The world’s in a crisis. It’s been over 100 years since the last Pandemic, 102 years to be exact. In 1918 the Spanish Flu, unfortunately, spread globally. Now, we are dealing with COVID-19. Luckily, we have progressed significantly over the years. The world has basically shut down, except for grocery stores. So, what can we do to ensure the safety?

That’s right, raise awareness to both our retailers and our PICKL posse. Squirt, squirt, welcome to work. Hand sanitizer kills 99.9% of germs and can prevent the spread of the virus. If you’re out and about, there’s no more leaving your home with naked hands. It’s time to cover up. Our society has bit the forbidden fruit and we now need to view our hands and face as naked unless covered. 

Since now grocery stores are considered the front-line and the center of attention, it would only make sense to come prepared. Before leaving your home, wear close-toed shoes, long pants(if possible), long shirt(if possible), gloves, a mask, sunglasses, and a hat. This will ensure the safety of yourself, others, and your loved ones. 

If you’re worried about making a fashion statement, we are here to ensure you that, there are various creative ways to look fashionably acceptable while staying safe. You can make a mask out of a bandanna and two rubber bands. Pick the color of your choosing and you’re good to go. 

What’s stopping you from taking a few extra precautions to ensure the safety of yourselves and others? Whatever it may be, we are here to hear, support, and get through these challenging times as one.   

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Happy Pickling 💚

-PICKL Posse

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