PICKL Wins Plug and Play Japan International Startup Award

Monday, April 19, 2021

If you are a brand manager sitting in headquarters in one country, and your brand is sitting on 1000s of shelves in other countries, you know how challenging it can be to monitor your brand, understand your diverse customers and improve the customer journey. Recently, PICKL has been recognized by Plug and Play Japan as a useful tool in any global brand manager's toolkit.

After participating in a rigorous selection process and immersing into the Japanese culture and business community through a three-month accelerator program, interacting with prominent global brands and agencies, and participating in an EXPO presentation simulcast in English and Japanese, PICKL was named the best international startup by audience voting for the Brand & Retail category.

This is a tremendous honor for PICKL and the team which is located throughout the US, Japan and India.

About PICKL Inc.

PICKL is a data solution that connects consumer on-demand data brands and shoppers, developing an on-demand platform for brands + retailers to collect product data (and competitors) from everyday shoppers on behalf of employees. doing. PICKL's patent-pending system engages shoppers on a daily basis, allowing them to quickly acquire data while introducing new products and stores, enabling quick store checks and shopper engagement. In the future, we believe that the number of shoppers who use our services will reach 100M globally.

Learn more about PICKL brand research and shopper engagement platform.

Download the PICKL app for shoppers.

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