How to Communicate with Customers as they Travel or Move

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Don’t you love it when your most profitable customers travel or move? The secret is to keep them engaged no matter the distance. Make sure they know their worth in a way that makes them feel obligated to remain giving you their business.

Recruiting new customers costs 5 times as much as retaining current customers. The average customer spends 67% more in his or her third year as a customer of your business than in the first year. The average global value of a lost customer is $243.

Stay in touch for special occasions. We all know that Birthdays & Holidays are memorable times of the year. Admiring your customers during these times will strengthen their commitment & loyalty to you. Do so through your newsletter, a personalized email, a social media message, or a good old-fashioned card.

Offer exclusive special offers. Another way to keep in touch with current or previous clients is to offer them exclusive deals. If they know they’re going to get great special offers from you (which they can’t get elsewhere) they’re more likely to stick around.

Have you found yourself in a PICKL? Unsure on how to retrieve back those customers you have lost. The time is now, to take that extra step and communicate. PICKL connects customers to Brands, customers to Grocery Stores, and Brands to Grocery Stores. No matter the distance, ensure your customer knows you’re thinking about them, and without a doubt, they shall return!!!

Check PICKL out today!

Happy Pickling 💚

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