Don't Cop My Style

Saturday, May 23, 2020

The world doesn’t need another lawyer. As humans evolve they strive to hone in on their uniqueness and share their gift with the world. The days of the suit are fading, people want to express themselves in a way that separate’s them from one another yet, closens them to each other.

Why is it so important to be different? We believe that everyone came to this planet with their own life purpose. Everyone has their own path. “No one can be better in being you than you because no one has your history, your genes, your parents, experiences, or failures.”

What can you do to stand out? We all have a distinct difference between us all, our minds. No mind is identical and that’s what defines us as human beings. We have all trained our minds differently and that’s the root of our uniqueness. Action causes a reaction. It’s one thing to think it and it’s another to act on it. We are all born with potential and we all have what it takes to succeed. Success is also a form of uniqueness. What is success?

You’re living in Thailand for $15,000 a year like a king while making $5,000 a month from your blog. You have more money than you can possibly ask for. You’re in a beautiful, committed, and loving relationship. You’re surrounded by incredible friends. Best of all, you’re happy. Now, imagine, you’re living in Malibu, CA. It costs you $15,000 a month to live lavishly with your significant other. You make over $30,000 a month from producing top well-known artists. You’re surrounded by incredible friends. Best of all, you’re happy. 

Which one’s right? Which one’s wrong? There is no right answer. That’s what differs us from one another. Society has taught us that there’s only one form of success. Today, we know there’s another way. 

Companies today are progressing in that direction. They understand that each person represents their own special characteristics and that’s what allows them to feel fully acknowledged in their workspace. Whole Foods, for example, allows their employees to dress as they please(as long as it’s publicly acceptable of course). PICKL, allows PICKLERS to dress as they best feel fit, for PICKLERS are everyday shoppers, it’s not a job. We understand that the more independence one feels, the closer he/she connects to the company and is proud to call it their own.   

So, don’t cop my style.

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Happy Pickling 💚

-PICKL Posse

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