Do Sales Increase Sales?

Sunday, March 7, 2021

There’s a sale! Is this the moment every brand has waited for? Is this going to skyrocket retailer’s sales? Naturally, humans are drawn to sales due to the feeling that they earn more than what they paid for. It’s as simple as that. We want to win. We want to feel in control. We want to not be taken advantage of. 

It’s all about timing. A store needs to plan its sales accordingly. The timing of the sale is what draws, locks, and secures the customer. Let’s say it’s the 4th of July, your grill is oiled and ready to go, 33 of your closest friends have all RSVP’d their arrival, all that’s left is to go and purchase the supplies. You want to get, hot-dogs, burgers, buns, lettuce, cheese, PICKLES, steaks, and beer, where do you go? You know this purchase won’t be cheap, yet you want to get value for your buck. The promotional sales have been spamming your life for the past week, preparing you for this glorious day. You’d most likely go to the highest quality store with the best sale going on. If they put tortillas, cheese, and shredded chicken on sale, how good would that sell?

As we stated, people are naturally drawn to sales. Aside from the fact that we buy more than we need, it’s also a great way to introduce new products to the market. Introducing new products needs to be done skillfully. You must be strategic in the time of your release and you must know your customer to always be a step ahead. Depending on the product and its competitors, that influences your price point. What we do know is that price is always a factor in people’s choice of what they buy. 

84% of Americans buy organic food sometimes, while 45% buy them regularly.

Price is what alters that decision. If eating healthy was cheap, those statistics would rise. Organic foods have become a luxury and only the selected can afford to live that luxurious lifestyle. We believe that sales can decrease the value of a product. 

When you have a product that sells consistently the need for a sale is less mandatory than one that doesn’t. The cycle basically goes like this. A new product is pitched to a grocery store, once they approve of the product, they ask for a certain amount to see how it sells. If it sells well, they order more and vice versa. If it doesn’t sell too well at time’s their strategy is, to not waste inventory they put their lease selling products on final sale, to rid them once and for all. 

Yes, sales draw us naturally at times but they can also be an indicator of the end. So, when you time it right, you’ll most likely attract the right demographic that will increase your sales and create returning customers. 

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