Android Owners, Join the PICKL Posse!

Friday, May 28, 2021


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Android Owners, Join the PICKL Posse!

PICKL Welcomes Android Fans to Earn Extra Money While Shopping

Long Beach, CA, May 28, 2021  PICKL announces the launch of its Android application designed for any smartphone owner who loves making extra money simply by taking pictures and answering quick questions about products in stores. Now PICKL has launched both an iOS application and Android application so any smartphone owner can participate in the US, Canada and Japan.

Registered PICKL shoppers are alerted to nearby tasks requested by brands who want to see their products on the shelf at popular stores such as CVS, Walmart, Target and Whole Foods. Shoppers can hold the tasks up to 48 hours so that they can complete PICKL tasks at their convenience. Once the PICKL shopper arrives at the store, the app guides them through a series of simple steps. It takes less than 5 minutes to locate the specified product, take five pictures and answer a quick survey. Once the results are submitted and verified, the shopper earns $5 and can immediately transfer the funds to a connected bank account.

“We are so excited to launch the Android app to make the opportunity to earn money while shopping with PICKL accessible to everyone with a smartphone,” notes Ossie Cohen, Founder and CEO of PICKL. “We love hearing stories about seniors in high school to senior citizens enjoying PICKL.  People are enjoying PICKL dates where they do a quick task to earn money for a bottle of wine or a pizza. PICKL also helps gig workers for app companies and families stretching their grocery budgets to make extra cash. The PICKL Android app launch brings us closer to our goal of 100 million PICKL shoppers worldwide helping brands launch and monitor their products.” 

Brands work with PICKL to boost brand awareness, accelerate sales, gain a deeper understanding of their product placement, and performance, and conduct competitive and consumer research in an affordable and engaging way. With PICKL, brands can send motivated consumers to find their products, interact with them and share feedback. About 36% of shoppers buy the featured products and 52% of them shop, sometimes at stores they would not normally visit. This new way of connecting brands, shoppers and retailers has been a major success with more than 10K shoppers adopting the iPhone app since 2020. 

PICKL helps shoppers discover emerging products and new flavors, while providing extra income. PICKL allows anyone with a smartphone to benefit. No training is required and all ages are welcome! PICKL tasks are distributed across the US in all 50 states, Canada and Japan. Android and iPhone owners are encouraged to download the PICKL app, register and discover tasks at local stores.


PICKL Inc. builds software that mobilizes shoppers to collect crucial images, insights and information for brands and retailers. PICKL pays shoppers $5 to take pictures of brands in stores. PICKL is based in Long Beach, CA but our global virtual team loves discovering new brands, shopping, traveling and working in the cloud. Learn more about the brand and/or shopper opportunities at: Join the PICKL Posse on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Instagram at @picklposse. 


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