People Think Your Company Is Uptight!

Monday, April 19, 2021

Each person sees about 5,000 ads in a day, and unless you are making a conscious effort to relate and connect to consumers, the only impression you are making is your want for sales, and money. Portraying to consumers that you are a company composed of people, and not just some corporate money making machine, can be a great way to stand out above the competition and draw interest to not just your products but your brand as well. 

Logos are a great way for people to identify your brand, and form a visual association with your company. The only problem with flashing logos all day long at people is it doesn’t give them an inside look at who you are, and often a person may forget that your company is run by actual people. So what do you do? In your marketing and outreach efforts, portray who you are with a company personality. If your company as a whole acts a certain way, express that demeanor in your messages. Personality is often the most identifying mark of a person, so when you act a certain way, people are more likely to think of your company as having a personable demeanor. 

A good way for your company to make your mark as a person, is to have a friendly company representative. When you think of progressive, you almost always think of Flo, the quirky sales woman who appeared in almost all of their commercials. Though she was just an actor, the impression was still long lasting. You can create the same impression with your brand, but in more ways than just commercials  by having a real employee appear in all your efforts, both on the air, and on social media.

Though you want people to take your brand seriously, it may be a good idea to tone down the professionalism on social media. Showing your audience what is happening in your company behind the scenes, introducing your team, wearing casual clothes, and recording yourself speaking in an authentic manner is a great way to make people feel comfortable with the presence of your company. When you make your brand out to be of higher status, people don’t feel comfortable approaching you, and it may send the vibe that your brand is not for them. 

Another way to involve yourself with consumers and form a lasting impression on people is with the retail services provided by PICKL. PICKL allows you to get an inside look of your products at a retailer, by recruiting shoppers by paying them $5 to check out your product, take pictures of it, and take surveys on their experience. The whole time that a shopper is completing a task for your brand, they are thinking about your product, and when a shopper completes the task they may be inclined to buy your product. Shoppers are notified of tasks, and complete them through a mobile app, which allows these tasks to be completed in as little as 10 minutes. 

Show your target audience that your brand is more than just a bunch of suits in a conference room. Set up a free PICKL brand account to check it out or book time with a real live PICKL pro to put PICKL to work for your brand.

We wish your company the best!

- PICKL Posse

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