How to Ensure Consumers will Always Swipe Right

Sunday, March 7, 2021

What drives customers into stores? What defines their choice of where they shop? What causes them to become bound to your establishment? It is said that, after one purchase, a customer has a 27% chance of returning to your store, after two purchases, 45% and after three purchases, 54%.

We believe it consists of turning their wants into needs. Let’s elaborate. Everyone wants to find the best grocery store most suitable for them and their families and every store offers a different need for different demographics. Therefore, there isn’t one store for all. There are two main factors affecting the number of customers who will be drawn to your store.

Price vs quality. That basically means, what a person is willing to pay for the quality of his products. You can get more products at a cheaper price, that’s cheaper quality or vice versa. There is no right answer, it differs and varies amongst all groups of people. The secret for the retailer & brands is providing products that the consumers not only want but need.

As humans, we tend to be skeptical in most cases and don’t believe most of what’s advertised out there. We don’t understand why we need a bottle of water with a ph level of 10, expensive organic free-range eggs, or non-dairy kinds of milk instead of regular. At first, it’s a want. Society’s health is advancing and people want to make healthier alternative choices. As we begin living a healthier lifestyle, we feel better, causing us to share with our friends & family about the switch we made, and our new habits have now transformed into a need. 

PICKL provides a gateway for brands & retailers to connect with consumers. PICKLERS learn about new products and discover new locations, leading them down the path of curiosity to try out these new products at their designated location. Once their wants have become a need, you can ensure, they’ll always swipe right. 

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Happy Pickling 💚

-PICKL Posse

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